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Micro Brewery, Finland


Bjørn Ironside Viking Hard Ass Amber Ale


Dubbel, Dark Ale (Dark Ale)
ABV: 6.5%, IBU/EBU: 68

Bjørn Ironside Viking Age Hard Ass Amber Ale is a beer with a story and a heritage. During research in family history we could trace our bloodline all the way back to the viking age. One of the guys we stumbled across was a no-nonsense and relentless king called Bjørn

Dasher India Pale Ale


IPA, APA, Pale Ale (IPA - American)
ABV: 6.2%, IBU/EBU: 75

All of our beers brewed so far have an american touch. We use mainly american hops, and american yeast. Why? Because we love our pales, IPA

Victorious Secret


IPA, APA, Pale Ale (Pale Ale - American)
ABV: 4.4%, IBU/EBU: 56

The hidden treasure of the Carribean, fruitier than a fruitcake. We give you, our first session beer. We call it Victorious Secret. It is spellbinding and seductive, and at only 4.4 % ABV you can have a couple without things starting to get a bit wiggly. We

Pietarsaari Malty & Juicy American Style Pale Ale


IPA, APA, Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)
ABV: 5.9%, IBU/EBU: 45

The first beer we brewed. Dedicated to the people of our hometown. Pietarsaari Pale Ale is a fresh ale with a distinct malty flavour. We designed this beer to be an unprovocative and effective way to be lured in to the world of craft beers, without scaring people off with crazy levels of bitterness. It really has become a trusted go-to beer for the growing number of craft beer lovers in Pietarsaari a.k.a. Jeppis, as the city is also called. The lion is part of the city armour and although the lion in our design doesn