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8-Bit Brewing

Micro Brewery, Finland

8-Bit Brewing is a Helsinki based beer outfit. Combining a love of beer and games, we specialize in clean and fresh fruit ales that aren't thick, juicy, or sour. They are designed to taste like beer first and fruit second rather than a glass of juice. We also make a line of sessionable easy to drink versions of the traditional American Style craft beers.


Ocarina of Lime

8-Bit Brewing

Other (Fruit Beer)
ABV: 5.7%

A summer day in a pint! Nearly 80 kilos of hand pressed lime juice goes into this ale!

Razident Evil

8-Bit Brewing

Lager, Pilsner, Bock (Pilsner)
ABV: 5.4%

50 kilos of raspberries married with a light pilsner body

Hoptimus Prime

8-Bit Brewing

IPA, APA, Pale Ale (IPA)
ABV: 6.1%

You can drown in these aroma hops of citra and mosaic

Exotic Engram

8-Bit Brewing

IPA, APA, Pale Ale (APA)
ABV: 5.2%

Delicious cascade hops with a little kiss of sweetness from Belgian candy sugar


8-Bit Brewing

Dubbel, Dark Ale (Dark Ale)
ABV: 8%

Soft, fruity and bitter Cascadian Dark Ale

Plan C

8-Bit Brewing

Tripel, Strong Blond Ale (Strong Blond Ale)
ABV: 6.7%

Brewed with cornflakes cereals that give it a harsh kick at the end of the sip


8-Bit Brewing

Stout, Porter (Porter)
ABV: 5.4%

Smooth, light, and soft with notes of coffee and chocolate - a porter you can drink in the sauna!