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Vintage Perry

Perry, ABV: 5%

A classic perry in every sense of the word, Hogan’s use only 100% English perry pears to produce their Vintage Perry. The perry pears are treated with kid gloves, every one is harvested by hand and gently washed to ensure the best quality. Perry pears are unpalatable to eat due to their high tannin level but create a delicious, delicate drink. The pears contain a natural, unfermentable sugar, sorbitol, which gives the perry some of its residual fruit sweetness. As with our ciders we do not add any sugars prior to fermentation and we do not use any concentrate, we ensure that all our perry contains more than 85% perry pear juice in order to bring you the authentic taste of the English Pear Orchard. Hogan’s Vintage Perry is a medium, lightly sparkling perry, champagne like in colour, well balanced on the palate with subtle fruit tannin qualities and delicate fruit aromas.


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