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Tagasi Etioopiasse

Spiced / Herbed Beer, ABV: 6%, IBU/EBU: 19

We’re going back to Ethiopia – the homeland of coffee. We will find the magic that brought coffee to Europe and those enchanting aromas that have held us captive for hundreds of years. And here at the brewery, the only thing we can do with all those riches, is to put it into beer. The coffee was chosen by the KAFO coffee masters so now the slightly hand roasted Ethiopian coffee is in the bottle. In order to bring out all the shades of flavour of course. Back to Ethiopia is a Märzen, flavoured with real Arabica coffee where the beer’s reserved character allows the coffee to shine.


Lehe Pruulikoda

Lehe Brewery is a small Estonian brewery, which was born from the wish to share the passion and joy the brewing and drinking has given us. The beer in our brewery is born out of love and not the desire to gain the market share or grow revenue. Customers’ smiles and good mood is the yardstick. We believe that each draught of beer must be an experience.