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PAPER Tropical State of Mind

Stout, ABV: 5%, IBU/EBU: 36

A Coldbrew Stout with Passion fruit & Agave Find your Tropical State of Mind with our Stout brewed with our own roastery coldbrew coffee. For bringing the tropical notes we added fresh passion fruit and we used agave to round up your experience of Tropical State of Mind. This. Our second Paper. Paper beats Rock, but remember it loses to Scissors.


RPS Brewing

RPS Brewing is a young craftbrewery from Kuopio, Finland. Also known as problem-solving brewery, they want to ease your problems and dilemmas with an adult way of settling things - with the universally known rock-paper-scissors game. Their beers had excellent results this year in Suomen Paras Olut 2018-competition, (The best beer in Finland) as the brewery was the most awarded one with 3 medals in different categories.