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Oude Geuze Vat 79

Sour - Gueuze, ABV: 9%

A " mono- blend" of which 90 % consists of Lambic from cask No. 79 ( brewed on 19-20 October 2011 ) and 10% young Lambic . The beer has been bottled on December 17, 2014 , and is now available. Cask 79 has a special story. Indeed, it is the oldest cask of the brewery. It has a capacity of 6700 liters and was made by the Persenaire firm in Antwerp in 1883 . For a vessel of this size should have been quickly used oak for at least 200 years before, which means that the wood for these vessels is over 300 years old. The attenuation is 93 % , so this golden Gueuze is not quite dry. With its 9 % ABV it does have a very full-bodied , with aromas of ripe apples , vanilla, notes of oak , peach and nutmeg . All this with a nice acid balance !


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