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Saison / Farmhouse Ale, ABV: 6%

Tänään et ole yksin! Saison-tyyliin pohjautuva punertava aperitiivi olut. Nautitaan 96.5% varmuudella “metsän ihmisten” seurassa.


Kallio Brewery

Kallio Brewery creates limited edition craft beers and other beverages with a wicked passion. These beverages taste refreshing and natural, and they are fantastic to taste and enjoy with food. We enjoy nature and I’m well aware of the great aromas that wild nature, especially the forest, can produce. Every country has its own unique character, a palette of tastes that cannot be created anywhere else. I want to discover these ingredients and create unique flavours that have never been tasted before.

Birra Amiata

A place among the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, on the slopes of an ancient volcano (Mount Amiata), we produce beer with the pure water of the Fiora spring, the best barley from Italy and Europe, the most interesting hops and more special ingredients typical of the area: chestnuts, honey thorn, pure saffron. The names we use for our beers tell the story and legends of our beautiful land. This is why our beers have the soul of our land and tell our tastes in beer and our secular history.