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Lost Bison (collab Hiisi / Pracownia Piwa) logo

Lost Bison (collab Hiisi / Pracownia Piwa)

IPA, ABV: 7%

A crazy collaboration with Pracownia Piwa (POL) and Hiisi (FIN). A hazy, juicy India Pale Ale infused with bison grass (as known as holy grass or vanilla grass), which is well known from Polish Żubrówka vodka. Among many of the Plains Indians, bison grass is considered one of the “four sacred medicines”.


Sori Brewing

Serious beer for not so serious people. Sori Brewing is located in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Backed by crowdfunding investors, Sori Brewing is on a mission to make the world more fun with better craft beer. Started by two Finns who moved away from their home country to brew without compromises. Not far, but far enough to make it count. Together with an amazing team, these guys are dedicated to bring you joy in a form of craft beer.