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IPA - International, ABV: 5%, IBU/EBU: 50

According to the legend, a local hero, called Pkharmat, brought fire from the gods on top of the Kazbek Mountain and gave it to the humans thus starting the nahi people. Pkharmat himself didn’t have much luck. The evil god Sela chased him down, chained to the Kazbek Mountain and every morning Ida the falcon comes to feast on his liver. In addition to the fire, wild hops that are one of the ancestors to Kazbek hops, originate from the Caucasus. So now has it come with its lemon balm, mint and ripe papaya aromas to bring fire to the cold and plain world of the American hops. The Master Brewer has managed to stay on good terms with the falcons.


Lehe Pruulikoda

Lehe Brewery is a small Estonian brewery, which was born from the wish to share the passion and joy the brewing and drinking has given us. The beer in our brewery is born out of love and not the desire to gain the market share or grow revenue. Customers’ smiles and good mood is the yardstick. We believe that each draught of beer must be an experience.