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Jack Brand Mosaic Pale Ale

Pale Ale - English, ABV: 4%, IBU/EBU: 45

The Mosaic hop variety was released in 2012 after a successful crossing of two hop varieties called Simcoe and Nugget which captured the best of these varieties to provide clean bitterness and outstanding flavours and aromas. Mosaic hops are similar to Citra, but has an even more intense flavour. Fergus and the team added the Mosiac hops at three stages during the boil, and once again during fermentation. This has imparted bold hop characters of peach, mango, lemon and pine. All these lovely flavours are complemented by pale ale malt, lager malt and a touch of light cara malt to gently balance the beer whilst allowing the fruity hop flavours to shine through. The result is a blonde beer with a dry, hoppy finish and bags of Mosaic personality. Available in cask, with 330ml bottles and keg to follow in late March 2014.