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Caution KIWI Crossing

Strong Ale - English, ABV: 9%, IBU/EBU: 55

This isn’t a beer, it’s a campaign to protect our owl from senseless harm. Perhaps you’ve noticed, but our Uiltje is a parody of itself, a cartoon that lacks all the real owl essentials: hawk-like beak, deadly claws, x-ray vision. Sure, he’s got wings, but our lil’ lad is too lazy to fly. He wouldn’t last 3 seconds in the world. So what better away to scare off potential rivals than to erect a bright yellow sign and brew a deceptively strong ale. Intimidated? Damn right you are! We dry hopped this New Zealand strong ale with three types of psycho Kiwi hops, resulting in a whole lot of tropical fruit awesomeness. Like our Uiltje, it’s a cute, harmless IPA-ish beer that requires a bit of help when crossing the street. Perfect for men who still cuddle stuffed animals and sleep in their socks.