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B Side: Blitz Raspberry logo

B Side: Blitz Raspberry

Sour - Berliner Weisse, ABV: 3.2%, IBU/EBU: 8

Here at BrewDog, we love the hidden tracks; the unexpected discoveries. The B-Sides. Take our 10HL pilot kit. It is the place our brewers let those imaginations fly and lay down unpredictable, creative tracks. Our brew team use it to dial in our small-scale experimental brews, each then finding its way to our bars as a draught-only special release. However, we felt the naming convention used previously – Pilot Brew XXX – didn't fully reflected the ingenuity displayed by our brewers. To depict this a little better we now release each pilot brew as a bona fide B-Side; alongside our production-batch launches that take place at our bars, you’ll be able to discover a flip side in the form of one of our B-Side releases. This is our Blitz Berliner Weisse brewed with raspberries.



Brewery from Ellon, Scotland, UK. Welcome to the craft beer revolution!